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A Call for Color

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Color is one of the cheapest and most effective tools that we can use to improve our interior spaces and homes. The right color combination can make a space feel relaxing, fun or exciting. Another amazing way to add color to our interior spaces is through art.

Fear of color

But why are so many interior designers, decorators and architects scared of color? After working for fifteen years in various architectural offices in Australia, I came to understand this fear firsthand. I saw architects limit themselves to a palette of whites and beiges. White and beige are ‘safe.’ It is impossible to get your color choice wrong if you play it safe. And for many architects, who have never explored or been educated in the use of color, color can be very scary.

A little color goes a long way

Color allows self-expression. It is amazing how a colorful artwork can create a lively feeling of fun in your living room or even your bathroom. A pale green wall can make a bedroom feel calm and teal tiles can make a bathroom feel warm and welcoming.

Add color with art

Traditionally, white has been considered the correct backdrop for displaying artwork. This is because it is customary to paint the walls of museums white to provide a neutral backdrop for the art. But why should this be the case in our homes? Colored walls often showcase artworks much better than white ones.

Click on image to view the TevaArt gallery.

Color, a valuable design tool

Color and artwork are valuable design tools, which can help architects, interior designers, decorators, and anyone interested in building or renovating. Color can create beautiful spaces.

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