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TevaArt was founded by husband-and-wife team, Gil and Jenny Keinan. The goal of TevaArt is to create beautiful wall art, inspired by Israeli nature. Jenny is a classically trained artist, and architect, and Gil is a nature photographer. The couple moved to Israel with their three daughters in 2015 from Australia. They live on the edge of a nature reserve in the north of Israel. From their garden they see into the reserve and watch the flowers and foliage change throughout the year. In winter, there are cyclamens and anemones. In summer, the carobs ripen and the caper flowers bloom. Occasionally, jackals, wild boars, or mongooses will pay Gil, Jenny and their children a visit in their backyard.

Jenny uses the rich and varied wildlife as inspiration for her brightly-coloured drawings. The drawings are then reproduced as canvas prints. These brightly-coloured images of Israeli nature make great souvenirs and gifts. Also, after working for many years as an architect and exploring different colour schemes and decorating ideas, Jenny believes that her bright images could provide the warmth and fun that is lacking in many modern interior designs.

Jenny begins an artwork by sketching Israeli animals in the centre of her composition. She stylizes the forms of the animals into a series of geometric shapes. The composition is completed with sketches of seasonal flowers and plants that are drawn from the photographs Jenny collects on her early morning walks in the reserve. The animals are coloured using water-colour pencils. Each animal is a celebration of colour, with a variety of colourful patterns. The plants have more natural colours, with details painted over the top in gouache. Jenny colours the background in dark blue or black to accentuate the bright colours of the flora and fauna. The final artworks are finely-detailed, vibrant, nature scenes. 

Gil is a serious trekker and nature photographer. He is very interested in composition and capturing the atmosphere and freedom of the places he encounters on his treks. Sometimes, he revisits these images months or years later, with a new perspective. He then uses photography programs to manipulate his images to give them his own unique interpretation. These modern prints compliment modern interiors. Other images remain in their raw, untouched state. These more timeless images suit most interiors: traditional or modern.

Room with a photo of a dog in a field of anemones.
A photo of a desert landscape.
Room with a picture of wild boars and a picture of jackals.

Do you provide international delivery?


Yes, we provide DHL door-to-door delivery. All products are carefully wrapped in secure protective packaging to ensure safe delivery.


What if I am not satisfied with the product?


If you are not satisfied with the product, you must contact us within 14 days of delivery. We will return your money minus the shipping fees. For products that are damaged, we ask for a photo to be provided so that we can improve our service in the future.


How do I track my order?


You can check the status of your order with the DHL tracking number. You can also contact DHL for more information.


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